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Action Plan ARC2/ARC3


All schools in this project are involved in developing innovative feedback strategies. The unique element of this intervention is that each school presents their action plan according to what their teachers feel are most effective feedback styles and strategies. Below is the list of all the schools and their proposed action plans for the next stages.





Please click on the links and the action plans will open on your screen.

St. Michaels (Action Plan ARC 2 3_St Michaels)

St. Augustine (Action Plan ARc 2 & 3_2.St Augustine)

Slade Green Infant (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_Slade Green Infant)

Holy Trinity(Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_Holy Trinity)

Hills Grove (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_Hillsgrove)

Christ Church (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_Christ Church)

Old Bexley (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_ Old Bexley)

Bishop Ridley (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3- Bishop Ridley)

Trinity (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_Trinity (1))

St. Paulinus (Action Plan ARC 2 & 3_St Paulinus)

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