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The teachers involved in this project have made a list of common words and have operationalized the meanings.



Achievement What you have attained compared to where you begin
Assessment Means of identifying achievement or attainment
Attainment To have reached stated objectives
Feedback written Written response to aspects of learning
Feedback oral Spoken response to aspects of learning
Feed forward Comment made to learning next
Feed up How next steps acheived
Feedback Retrospective comment on fixed aspect of learning
Independent learning Unsupported learning
Lesson objective What you are setting out to learn
Levels Specific standards
Levelled work Product / activity at standardised level
Marking Acknowledgment by word/ symbol / number
Next steps Next thing to do to move forward
Observation Take a close look at what is happening
Peer marking/assess Review someone else’s work  to give feedback
Progress What I can do now that I couldn’t do before
Praise Encourage / support
Reward Incentive and affirmation – intrinsic and extrinsic
Self assessment Review own progress / understanding
Success criteria Steps to help you achieve
Self regulation Refer yourself to learning objective
Targets Aiming to achieve
WILF What I am looking for
WALF We are learning to


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